“I have been recommending this 'group coaching’ programme to those around me at all stages of their career or life. The personal canvas and coaching, provided me with the environment, motivation, and support, to work on my purpose, my values and what I want my impact to be on the world, professionally and personally, and it leaves me with a tool that I will revisit again and again and again! This is for everyone!”

- Erica Neve


“It helped me to organise my mind and tune in with my inner self, we all deserves it!”

- Shay Benish


“I can really recommend this coaching program, great supporting documents, passionated coaches and a great new way of developing together with new friends!”

- Kent Vikström


“The programme made feel confident and content with where I currently was in my life, even though I was not were I wanted to be yet. It pushed me to face some hard facts and questions I still do not know the answer to. But most importantly, it helped me turn confidence into action.”

- Maria Niederwieser


“If you found yourself in the stormy waters and continually questioning yourself about what to do with your life and where to go, this workshop is for you.”

- Yuri Kabasin

“I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is conscious about developing and growing in life and career. In fact by session two, I had already recommended it to a few friends.”

- Lars Pittman