The Personal Canvas
The Personal Canvas
Canvas and coaching empowering you to stay true to yourself.
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Do you want clarity on what really matters to you?

Join our ‘four week’ long online personal canvas coaching program, that helps you create your canvas. Get guiding materials and coaching, that will support you to reflect on the past, connect with what you want, and set goals for your future.





Personal Canvas

As the foundation


Working Documents

For individual reflection

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One session/week



The four weeks are built upon the canvas, where we work through different parts of the canvas each week. You will be provided with guiding working documents, that supports your individual reflection process. During the online sessions you will coach and be coached by the other participants. 


week 1:

learnings from the past

week 2:

internal purpose, values, passion

week 3:

impact, problems that matter, vision, external purpose

week 4:

supportive mindset, goals, action plan



3000 SEK / 330 USD / 450 SGD



August 2019

Dates TBD


Future programs

If the current program does not suit your calendar, we are happy to let you know when the next one is up.



“I have been recommending this 'group coaching’ programme to those around me at all stages of their career or life. The personal canvas and coaching, provided me with the environment, motivation, and support, to work on my purpose, my values and what I want my impact to be on the world, professionally and personally, and it leaves me with a tool that I will revisit again and again and again! This is for everyone!”

- Erica Neve

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NPS 100

(All participants would most likely recommend friends to join the program)

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Bella Funck

I am a visionary doer, experienced leader, facilitator, learning designer, coach and creative within the fields of innovation, digital transformation, leadership, personal and team development. What fundamentally drives me is to empowering people to be true to themselves.

Four years ago, I went through a transformative period of my life. To support my own reflection process, I created a structure and guiding materials. Later on, I shared it with friends in need of something similar, and the first one was Maria Cole. Maria and I, have further developed the materials and created this program.

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Maria Eriksson Cole

I’m a learning designer, facilitator, doer, challenger, and coach. My passion is to see people change their life to the life they truly want to live, to have better health, happiness, and wellbeing.

This program excites me because it empowers us to look inwards through reflections and work with peers, and it’s a real testament to the power of groups.


On behalf of Hyper Island, Bella Funck had a talk at the LEAP Summit 2018, in Zagreb. In this talk, she shares her formula for life in times of change, and her personal story behind the creation of the personal canvas.